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Angle Shooting - Win in Poker!

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Angle shooting is one of the most controversial topics in the world of poker. This is not actually cheating, but it is finding effective ways of how to exploit weak areas of the rules of the game in order to turn the table against the house and other players. Players who are implementing this kind of strategy are not only challenging the rules of the game, but they are also going outside fair game. An angle shooter is actually on a cheating mood, but even a fair player can do this strategy during a dire situation. There are common angles that can be used during a live poker game. You need to know that playing live poker will give players more opportunity to perform angle shooting than playing in online poker.

Incomplete Call

Angle shooting is one of the most deceitful method, and players might end up walking away from the table empty handed when one player have decided to use this technique. If you are playing and a bet is not yet complete, one must wait until all chips are placed for players to call. Assuming you will raise for 100 chips and the angle shooter is not totally convinced that he or she has a good hand to win a showdown, he will place the chip to call put a small amount. The angle shooter will not make any action and you will assume that he had calls. You will end up showing your cards. In case you won, the angle shooter will declare that his or her bet is not complete, so it means that he did not call. If the angle shooter won the game, then you will never notice that there is something bad has happened. The angle shooter will walk away with the pot.

Ambiguous Action

The best example of this strategy is someone who is making a hand signal that may suggest a check, but the truth is that they want to rise once everybody already checks. Another great example is a player putting a card on the river as if he or she is lost for you to think that they have folded. You might end up doing a check instead, that might scare the hell out of the angle shooter to make a fold. If you have a big hand, then you need to play very carefully and observe the action of each player around the table. You should not assume until they check, call, raise or fold. You need to know that ambiguity is the foundation of angle shooting.

Fake Hand

It can happen in community cards such as Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha. It is very easy for a poker player to be victimized by this act. The angle shooter will just declare that he or she is holding a strong hand and a player might muck their hand in frustration. By the time that the angle shooter needs to act, then he or she will show you a totally different card that is lower than your hand.

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