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Glad to see you at Fredericksburg Poker Club.

Fredericksburg is where our poker club resides and where the tournaments are held, a small city with major butterfly habitat.

Run Your Poker Game with CardRunners

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CardRunners is a cyber facility, which was developed to train the poker players and give them a deeper insight into the poker game. It is really interesting that they have the instructors, who teach others different strategies, legal tricks and other interesting and innovative ideas.


CardRunners offer a great library of the videos from various tournaments and just interesting games. Recently they improved design of the website. New interface and contents simply make the user gladder and more satisfied.

You can check all the information on gambling here to find the most working tips. Then you can try to play free games to master your skills.

What concerns the videos, now it is more comfortable to watch them, as you can define, where you would like to slow down the motion and where to hasten it. And it is easier to add the comments to the specific moments on the video.

If you want to comment the video, you can create "discussion notes," if you would like others to comment or clarify some aspects for you. This type of the note is available to see for the other users. Also you can create the "personal note" only for yourself.

The other interesting feature, which is available on the new version, is that you can create your own playlist of the videos.

Also now it is easier to search the blogs of the players and the instructors. "Quick Hits" and "Shoves" features are developed for the users' access of the actual and most discussed information and they can mark what they like the best.


There are over 20 new instructors on the website, which is a good sign of new and fresh look at the poker game. They even have the schedule of the games and tournaments to participate in. Some of the videos are free of charge but most part is pre-paid.

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