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Basic Poker Card Game Rules

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For those of you who know how to play casino blackjack or roulette online, learned the blackjack rules and used the card counting software it will be very easy to learn how to play poker. However, as in any casino game there are a lot of things you have to learn before you start playing and the first stop is at poker rules.

Texas Hold'em

Holdem poker is amongst the most popular casino games on the net in which you can meet in all poker rooms all around the world is played with the standard 52 cards deck with 2-11 gamblers. This poker variant uses the standard hand rankings. Before the gamblers are dealt cards two of them post the compulsory blinds. After every gambler is given two face down cards. The round of betting follows. man_and_womenThe gamblers may raise, bet, check, call and fold depending on the choices of the other players. Betting round is considered to be over after all players contribute equal amounts into the pot. Then the dealer places three community cards also called the flop. The next betting round follows after which one more exposed card (also called the turn) is dealt in the middle of poker table. The gamblers place bets once more and the last community card (known as the river) is shown. The last betting round ends by the showdown when all the players that are still in the game show their cards and the winner is chosen by the highest poker hand. As the basic poker card game rules state, every poker gambler is able to use any of his/her face down cards and any number of five exposed cards on the table to create the hand. In case of the ties the pot is split. If all community cards create the highest hand in the game the pot must be divided between all players.

Seven Card Stud Poker Rules

7- Card Stud is also classic poker version. This poker card game rules are not very hard and the most important thing you should keep in mind is that all the gamblers are given seven cards, some of them hidden and some exposed, and must make the possible strong five cards hand out of these cards.

All the players at the poker table post the ante bet. Then every poker player receives two hidden and one exposed cards. The gambler that holds the weakest face up card posts not high bring-in amount. The round of betting then occurs. One exposed card knows as the fourth street is given to every gambler. The players bet starting with that player who holds best exposed cards and one more face up card (the fifth street or river) appears. Again the round of betting follows. The sixth card known as the sixth street is dealt followed by betting. According to the poker card game rules, after the last seventh (the seventh street) card is given face down the poker players place bets for the last time. In the showdown the poker players show the cards and the winner gets the pot.

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Omaha Poker Rules

There exist two popular Omaha poker variations, Omaha High and Omaha Hi Lo, but the first Omaha version is the most popular. The Hi-Lo version is gaining its recognition mostly in the American casinos. The Omaha poker card game rules are similar to the rules of Holdem with some differences. The first difference is that the players are given four pocket cards each and must use two of them and only three of community cards to form their hands. All rounds of betting are the same like in Holdem. The poker player with the best five card hand is awarded the pot. One more feature of Omaha poker is that the gamblers can’t play the board.

Caribbean Stud

Once Caribbean Stud poker variant was played like the experimental game it was so successful that most gambling rooms started to feature it. According to the poker card game rules the players first post the ante and get five cards each from the traditional deck. The dealer also receives five cards one of which is exposed. Then the gamblers must decide whether to give up or stay in the game. In case you decide to continue you are to match the bet by placing the amount as big as the ante. The dealer turns over his/her cards. If he/she qualifies (has King and Ace or better) the hands are compared. In another case the gamblers are paid. So, if you hold higher hand than the dealer’s one you win both the ante and call bet. There is also the bonus payoff table to make game more exciting. Before you start playing learn the poker card game rules and payout tables to know your odds.

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