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The Rules on How to Succeed in Every Poker Game

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To achieve success in anything that you do in life, it would be of the utmost essence for you to be motivated. Without the motivation to do anything, success can never be achieved. The same goes for any casino game and poker in particular. In poker and in life, it would be important for you to set some goals.

My good friend Bill plays professional poker and once had a bankroll of six figures. However, he lost it all by playing above this bankroll through gambling. Now, Bill is completely in debt. Although he gets staked for every tournament he plays and is beginning to make up for his losses from these stakes, he still has to win back a lot of money before actually getting any profits. This has made him lazy and depressed, while feeling like a complete loser. He is currently living in a totally downward spiral, talking about nothing but hitting a huge score to save himself from debt.

The big problem with Bill is that he sees himself as a complete loser. I believe that if you have complete faith in yourself, anything can be achieved. Once you begin doubting yourself, you are doomed to failure. Bill no longer has any confidence aside from the fact that he is confident that he will keep losing. It’s like in sports. If you keep get rattled while playing and get off your game, it would be simple to start thinking too much and screwing up because of it. But on the other hand a good thing to start with is casino promotions and bonus codes you can use playing online.

That is what happened with Bill and his games of poker. I advised him to totally alter his perception regarding his situation and instead have faith in the fact that he could win. After asking him whether he was prepared to get out of his losing cycle, he said he was and opened up a document consisting of the following rules:

Rule Number One: Never lose.

To be able to end the losing cycle, Bill had to stop losing any money first. This was the first step since losing money could no longer be an option for him. If you are in debt, you should have no bankroll and no money to offer.

Rule Number Two: Do nothing but win.

I let Bill know that he could only play games that he knew he could win at. He had to build his bankroll by doing nothing but win money while playing poker. In order to do so, he saved several hundred dollars and placed it inside a poker website that had great bonus and rakeback programs.

Rule Number Three: Get your confidence back.

In order to win, one must always look and feel like a true winner.

Rule Number Four: Get Back in Shape.

Bill was once very proud of his looks, his physique, in particular. Being in great shape and having a body you actually want could prove to be a very positive thing in your overall life and mindset.

Rule Number Five: Always eat healthy.

Eating healthy would also be of the utmost essence when it comes to getting the kind of body that you wish to have, as well as feeling great about yourself. If all you eat is fast food day in and day out, you will end up not just unhealthy, but unhappy with yourself, as well.

Rule Number Six: Find a muse.

Knowledge of how to play poker is not enough. Getting somebody who believes in you at all times can help you regain your confidence, as well as offer your life with the utmost balance.

Rule Number Seven: Always be positive.

Remember that things can always get worse. Perspective happens to be a gift that very few people have, so try and get a good one and live by it at all times.

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