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Stealing in Poker - One More Bluffing Method

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If you will discuss some poker techniques with veteran players you will find out that there are bluffing methods that you can use these days like stealing. Stealing is truly known as the most effective way to win though it is not really lawful in poker especially during tournaments to steal dead money inside the pot. With every blind you have managed successfully, you have managed to steal and added that to your own chip stack. Blind stealing is important in mastering poker game. This is especially important if you are given the rules of the tournament and you always raise the blind levels. When you are attempting to steal the blind, you are also trying to take the pot without fighting your rivals. You would want them to fold right away to your bet before the failure.

When to Use the Method

There is a best time to try stealing in poker and this is when you have acquired late position you and you are one of the last to act as well. It is good to attempt to do the stealing in poker when there are no risers in front of you to know what you are doing. You can now freely throw out a good raise. You have to always keep in mind that the features of your rivals in the game, on the other hand since you are attempting to steal, it may not always work all the time especially if your rivals are the savvy ones and they may also attempt to fight back. Your rivals may also try to bluff you in a different way since there are lots of bluffing techniques that are available in poker.

In the last part of poker tournament, you can also try to rob off the blinds from the positions earlier and it could be your first catch. This can be an advantage on your part to make your rivals fear you and let them think that you have that monster traits in you that can do hand pre-flop. You should always look for a blind stealing technique and you have to take in this to your account for any position you are eyeing for. The chip stack size, the size of your rival’s chip stacks, their style of playing and the general table image should also be on top of your list. You should also note down your rival’s chip stack related to yours. It is usually easy to steal over smaller stacks than bigger stacks as well. The bigger the stacks, the more it can crush you.

You should always take note of the styles of your rivals in the game. When it is time to steal, you should go and try your luck. You should always know that the more you do it right, the more blinds you can steal, in this manner you can win more pots and you will have more image that your rivals might fear about. Stealing with the blinds in a poker tournament is an important skill that must be developed and it can give you the chance to win greater amount of money in the long run.

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