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Morton's Theorem - Key Points to Follow

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This theory was named after Andy Morton. This theorem says that the value of a pot for a poker game will increase whenever players made the wrong decision. For instance, if a player is holding the best hand against multiple players holding draws, then his or her EV will grow once a players correctly fold than when he or she incorrectly fold. In this case, opposing draws will interfere with each other.

How the Theorem Works

This theory is like a gem in the world of poker. Andy Morton thought and concluded that the Fundamental Theorem of Poker by David Sklansky is not applicable in poker with multi players. Once Mike Caro read Morton’s Theorem, he said that it seems as it is one of the most interesting as well as unexpected theory about poker that was released in the world of poker. The Sklansky's Fundamental Theorem of Poker states that when poker opponents make mistakes you can gain and once they play correctly, you might lose the game. This is in Hold’em poker. Morton’s theorem was totally against this theorem of Sklansky.

Morton first thought that poker players are just having a hard time understanding the increase variance in playing the loose game with multi callers. Players are complaining about getting drawn. However, he realized that players were actually right. When there are huge numbers of calling station, then the raise create pots that are too large relative to the bet size.

According to this genius man of poker, this situation always happens in Hold’em both on turn and flop. You would want your opponents to fold correctly in the middle range pot. This is because of the standard poker strategy such as thinning the field if you are holding the best hand. When it happens, you will also gain money from players who will do incorrect draws as they call your bets. The reason for this is because part of the bets will end up on stacks of players that are drawing against you.

Knowledge Given by Morton's Theorem

From Morton's theory there are lots of strategic conclusions that can be drawn from it. It is good to play using selectively aggressive play in multi-way pots. Players who are very eager cannot stand holding their chips, so they will try to call. What you can do is to just hope that they will fold instead of calling. In this case, whenever they do mistakes, then you will surely gain.

The beauty of Morton’s theorem is that it can be applied to multi-way pots unlike Sklansky. This theory became controversial when it was first launched in the poker world. Morton sticks and believes to his theorem that it can be used in multi-way pots except for heads-up situations. There is no harm in trying and find out if the theorem can help you win large pot of money. This is a very simple theory without complicated key points that you need to follow. All you need to do is to observe your opponents actions and take advantage from their mistakes.

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