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Online Poker Strategy and Winning Tactics

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Follow the rules

It doesn’t matter what poker version you choose to play, no matter for how long you have been practicing and if you are good in poker you must follow some basic rules that will surely aid you to save your time, and money. Let’s study the basic points of the trustworthy online poker strategy.

Manage your bankroll.

Never bet money you can’t afford to spent and if you have already made game deposit play in accordance with your limits. Approximately the amount of the bankroll in Texas Hold’em game is about 300 times the big bet amount. It is obvious the bigger the bankroll is the less uncomfortable you feel yourself at the poker table. Anyway, if you gamble within the betting limits you aren’t in a great risk to lose much. Moreover, do not forget about the table selection. Most poker players sit at the first poker table meet in the casino but this is a bad idea. You should consider the size of the smallest bet, the number of gambler, the type of the poker game and your table position. When all the points meet your needs you are welcome to play.

Recommended Rooms

Be attentive

Play smartly, which means that you are to watch each hand in the game. First of all take the notes of the opponents, their gaming style and betting decisions. Notice the tight players and those who tend to play aggressively and use bluffing. But bear in mind escape to imitate other gambler’s play. According to the type of the opponents you may decide what playing tactic you have to choose and if to bluff or not.


The main thing in any poker playing online poker strategy is the value of the starting poker hand. It is possible to distinguish some groups of starting hands worth to be played. Here we list these hands from the best to worst.

1. QQ, AA, JJ, AKs, KK

2. TT, AQs, AJs, KQs, AK

3. 99, QJs, JTs, KJs, AQ, ATs

4. KTs, T9s, AJ, KQ, QTs, 98s, J9s, 88


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Check the text on Internet Gambling Licensing and Regulation Commission Act of 2003.