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Poker Pot Odds - Calculate and Win!

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As you talk about pot odds, then you are referring to the most crucial part of playing a poker game. You can determine the pot odds if you will evaluate the actual size of the pot and the bet that will be made by players. For example, if there is $20 and the bet is $5, then you need to call it. The pot will become 20/5 and it also means 4:1. If the call is $10, then the odd is 2:1. The pot is generally determined by just dividing the size of pot against the amount of bet.

You need to become aware about the different terms that you will encounter as you play poker. First is the pot which is the total amount of money that is placed at the middle of the poker table. The pot consists of all the bets that were gathered during the betting round. This includes both big and small blinds. The second term is outs, which is the number of cards that are currently within the deck. It also includes cards of other players because there is no way to know what cards they are holding. There are also pot odds. This is the comparison between the pot size as well as the amount that you will call or raise. The last one is winning odds. This is the percentage of getting a winning hand within a particular betting round.

In order to gain success in a poker game, you must be at some point of the game calculate the odds. This is a very crucial step to do especially for first time or amateur poker player. If you are having a hard time calculating the odds, then there is a software program for you. You will find out the probability of getting a specific hand if you will calculate the hand odds. If you can figure the number of outs, then there is a possibility that you can calculate how many times you will get your hand.

How Counting of Odds is Implemented

For example, if you get A and 9 of hearts and a flop come out with two hearts, then the odds of hitting a heart by the river is 36%. You will find it out by knowing the number of outs and these are cards that remains on the deck or cards that you cannot see. If you are holding and 9 of hearts and get two hearts, then there are 9 more hearts within the deck that can help you to create a flush. There are total of 9 outs and once you divide it by four, then you will get 36% possibility that you will hit the hand.

If the ratio of size of the pot is higher than the cost of the bet that was called, then you will get better poker pot odds. If you do not want to give yourself a hard time calculating odds using your mathematical skill, then you can always look for a software program to help you.

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